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About Me

Ever since packing up his life and moving to Vancouver’s lower mainland from the UK,  Darren has been smitten by the splendour of British Columbia’s landscape and people. Although Darren is inspired by the breathtaking beauty that surrounds him during frequent hikes and outdoor escapades, he feels most alive when closely working with clients to create and capture unique moments and memories that will be kept forever. Official photographer for the Chilliwack Chiefs and influenced by photographer Dave Black , Darren’s passion has earned him the notice of two local newspapers, Chilliwack Times and the Chilliwack Progress, both have featured his Hockey Photography work weekly for the past 3 years. Whether a local sports event, formal celebration or catching the perfect angle for a portrait, Darren’s love for people and pictures radiates from his light-hearted approach and honed talent for capturing the moment. For bookings, rates and all other inquiries, please contact Darren by clicking on the Contact Me link below.

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